Winter Solstice 21/12/2010 – The Last Astronomical Event Of The Year

The winter Solstice had exceptional presence (depending where you were in the world) consisting of a full moon and snowy skies. The best place to have viewed the show was mainly in all regions of North America. However. Parts of western Europe were able to see the start of the eclipse while parts of western Asia could view the tail end.

The next upcoming celestial event – Quadrantids meteor shower:

  1. Quadrantids Meteor Shower is an annual meteor shower that pursues on the 3rd of Janurary 2011. It can be viewed from all round the world and consists of around 40 meteors hourly.
  2. Quadrantids meteors shower from Asteroid 2003 EH1 (or Comet C/1490 Y1 as some astronomers may believe it originates from)
  3. Quads has been known as one of the best shows of the year and can be seen in twilight hours.
  4. Where to find it? Quads meteor shower can be found in the constellation Boötes. Boöts can be found by locating Ursa Major (AKA the Big Dipper) and following the “handle”. Once you have got to the end of the handle, you will see a constellation (Boötes) that’s in a “kite” shape.
  5. Time and place? Remember, this meteor shower can be viewed from the twilight hours (sun set) of January the 2nd to 12am onwards (The morning of January the 3rd.) The best place to be is anywhere with the least light pollution.


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Student. Studies maths, physics, chemistry and biology and has a real passion for astronomy and photography.
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